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Connecting. Mentoring. Establishing.
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At Alumni Connect, we believe in fostering one-on-one mentoring relationships with our alumni.

We prioritize building a mentoring relationship before graduation, and we continue to manage these relationships through the transition into the real world.

Our goal is to establish our alumni in life and in their personal relationship with the Lord, while also fostering innovation and creativity in their respective fields.


What We Don't Do

We Do Not...

  • run our own ministry on campuses.

  • replace campus ministry mentorship during senior year.

  • hire or employ mentors.

  • have a membership or group approach to ministry.

  • connect alumni with other local alumni.

  • connect alumni with alumni by alma mater or campus ministry.

  • have any type of membership or keep an online directory of mentors.

  • keep a database of local churches.

  • provide a written curriculum or meeting schedule. 

  • hand-hold alumni through life’s difficulties and complexities. 

We Do...

  • meet college seniors through existing campus ministries.

  • always focus on life directly after college.

  • recruit volunteers committed to mentorship.

  • focus exclusively on 1:1 mentorship.

  • our mentors are older Christians, empty nesters, and business people. 

  • connect alumni with an independent local seasoned believer.

  • personally introduce alumni to mentors in their new location.

  • encourage the alumni to ask their local mentor for guidance. 

  • believe everyday life provides content for discussion and maturity. 

  • support alumni in integrating biblical truth and trusting God’s power to lead.



We think George Baily says it best...
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"Oh, we don't use money in heaven."
"Comes in pretty handy down here, bub!"
We appreciate Clarence's point. However, we hope you will partner with us in the stark reality that effective ministry requires significant resources.
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