You’ve just graduated college, said goodbye to friends, and moved to a new city to begin your career. As you start your new job, you’re facing multiple decisions and new challenges.

  • How do you navigate inter-office relationships?
  • An issue arises with your boss. How do you address it?
  • What if the problem isn’t black or white, and you have to make a judgement call?
  • You need to start thinking about things like buying a house, and budgeting, but where do you begin?
  • In the midst of work, how do you stay grounded in your relationship with God?
  • How do Biblical principles even apply to your work?

These are just some of the challenges alumni face. They need to connect with someone who has walked this path before. Someone who will listen to their questions, help them discern the Holy Spirit’s leading and provide council. Someone who can help them stay grounded in God’s Word in the midst of work, home responsibilities and life in general!

Mentors are able to listen to alumni, and then share practical advice from their own life experiences. They’ve had to work through issues with a boss, create a budget and learn how to integrate Biblical principles at a 9-5 job.  

Mentors share how they’ve seen God work in their own lives, over many years, with alumni who are just embarking on their journey. They might do a topical Bible study, talk about making that judgement call over a cup of coffee, or send encouragement with a quick text.

We are looking to find a mentor for each alumni, so that connection is already in place as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Please pray that God would provide.

Pray that God would establish strong relationships between mentors and alumni. And that alumni would see God work in tangible ways, and experience His presence whether they’re on the job or at home.

We are also thanking God for his provision! Since our last post He has provided mentors in Providence, RI; Washington, DC; Fairfax and Winchester, VA; Englewood Cliffs, NJ; Oswego, NY; Detroit, MI; and Chester Springs, PA.

Thank you for praying with us. As we talk with alumni, they’re always very encouraged to hear that you are praying for them!