What happens after graduation? How do you mentor college graduates as they enter the workplace, and move across the country?

Building a Foundation

Alumni Connect starts working with seniors several months before graduation. This allows us to build strong relationships with soon-to-be graduates, and lay the foundation for working one-on-one with a mentor.

Emily was a senior, and about to graduate when another student connected her with Gary and Joani. Joani and Emily met regularly, and the discipleship that happened during these final months of school strengthened Emily’s personal walk with God as she prepared to leave college and start her career.

Transitioning to a Local Mentor

After she graduated, Emily moved to a new state for work. Alumni Connect now needed to find a local mentor who would disciple Emily as she entered this new phase of life.

Through connections with a workplace ministry, Gary met Audrey. Audrey was actively seeking an opportunity to invest in someone, and lived close to Emily.

After talking with Gary, she agreed to become Emily’s mentor, and Gary introduced them.

Mentoring in Real Life

Emily and Audrey began to talk regularly. Audrey didn’t want to be the source of Emily’s growth, but a catalyst to help her continue to grow in her walk with God. As they met, she shared from her past, and gave insight and encouragement from her own real-life experiences.

Through their conversations, Emily felt a sense of belonging and comfort. She knew she could call Audrey any time. Even when she got married, and moved to a new city, Audrey remained committed to helping her grow. They still connected regularly via phone.

Mentors build on the foundation already laid by campus ministries, and help alumni as they seek to follow God in the midst of careers, marriage and this new phase of life.