The Alumni Connect Board

Rich Oswald

Georgia, USA

Licensed Professional Counselor, Legacy Counseling Center

John Naphor

New Jersey, USA

President and Founder of Cornerstone Wealth Management LLC, Author of the Understanding the Almighty series


Patrick Mullaney

Pennsylvania, USA

Owner, Brig O’Doon Coffee House LLC

Bill Clark


Navigators Staff

Academic Professor, The American University in Bulgaria

About the Alumni Connect board…

The Alumni Connect Board is a geographically-diverse group of individuals who are eager to see the mission of Alumni Connect go forward.

Responsibilities of the Board (individually and collectively)

• Engage in peer mentoring with the Director and other Board Members

• Provide encouragement and inspiration for the Director

• Act as a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives

Individual Board member’s responsibilities

• Prayerfully support the ministry of Alumni Connect
• Mentor young professionals and alumni
• Actively pursue their walk with the Lord
• Engage in Kingdom building in their respective churches, workplaces, and communities

Board Size

The Board consists of 4 individuals, 1-2 year terms depending on availability and Alumni Connect requirements.

The Board is an organic group that addresses Alumni Connect items as they arise. Director Gary Brown meets with the board individually or collectively no less than 4 times per year, and as often as required.

It is assumed that roles and responsibilities may change to adapt as Alumni Connect continues to grow and expand.

Interested in supporting Alumni Connect?