At least twice a year, our Entry-Point Mentors across the countries host the senior Bible studies from campus ministries in their homes. This allows us to introduce our ministry and get individual contact information, so we can establish relationships with soon-to-be alumni early in the semester.

While the attendance at these in-home Bible studies is good, Gary always follows up with the leaders and asks if there were any seniors who could not attend the group meetings.

This time, we were given a list of fourteen soon-to-be alumni. Gary sent the young men a text, and Joani followed up with the young women. Thirteen of the seniors responded, interested in Alumni Connect and learning more about having a mentor that would disciple them as they started their career.

A couple of them also gave Gary the contact information of their friends they thought would be interested.

Not only did they want to learn more about Alumni Connect, they also wanted to share our ministry with others.

We didn’t meet these fifteen seniors through our traditional channels. We reached out to them individually where they were in their busy schedules, and they responded. Now we’re looking to build a friendship with each one.

Group meetings and reaching out to individuals have become effective ways for us to connect with seniors. As we meet with soon-to-be alumni over the coming months, pray there would be fruit as we build relationships.

Also, we are praising God for the interviews many of them have, but please pray they would have good success as they look for work.

But Alumni Connect is growing beyond Gary and Joani.

This year we are starting to replicate beyond the Penn State community. We are always looking for leaders who would be willing to implement the same model — Senior Bible studies in their homes — as a way to connect with more graduating seniors. We pray that each graduate will be established with a mentor in their future location and workplace when they leave campus!