About Gary & Joani Brown, Directors

Gary and Joani have always had a desire to see people flourish where they are planted — spiritually, relationally, and in their work. They know firsthand of the challenges that come in learning to thrive on their own while grasping how to walk in faith of God’s continuing presence.

Their early years of marriage, combined with Gary’s time working in retail construction project management and Joani mothering and serving their growing family, ultimately prepared them for their responsibilities with Alumni Connect.

During his years as a self-employed custom home builder, Gary had many rich opportunities to disciple young men in how to grow in Biblical character, while giving practical “real world” lessons, as they built homes together.

Growth and replication in new cities is STRAIGHT FORWARD because of Gary’s history in retail construction management. The role taught him to manage contractors and projects across the country from his desk in Pennsylvania.

God uniquely prepared Gary & Joani for their roles at Alumni Connect

In retail construction management, Gary directed projects remotely across the United States, just like he does now with mentors and EPM teams in every state.

As a self-employed home builder, he mentored 1:1 on-the-job and managed a crew.

And of course, Gary and Joani learned plenty about mentoring young believers while raising and launching their own six children



  • Worked with college soon-to-be-alumni from a local church.
  • Began discussions with Penn State Navigators’ (Navs’) leadership.
  • Presentation to all eastern US leaders of Christian Businessmen’s Connection (CBMC).
  • Began Entry-Point Mentor (EPM) process.
  • Began discussions with regional Cru leadership.


  • First referrals of seniors outside of campus ministry.
  • Began discussions with local Cru leadership.
  • Connecting Cru alumni with local mentors.


  • Ongoing work with Penn State Navs, and Cru seniors and alumni.
  • Presentation on CBMC national directors’ webinar.
  • Began discussions with Cru at Geroge Mason University (GMU).
  • Discussions with directors for Cru Mid-Atlantic and national Cru leadership.
  • Began work with Penn State ROTC.


  • Started periodic meetings with president of CMBC.
  • Discussions with national Nav leadership.
  • Partnership with local church in Fairfax, VA for EPMs.
  • Referalls from ROTC graduates to ROTC on campus


  • Discussions with national Nav leadership for replicaton.
  • Connections with Cru team leaders across NY state.
  • Established Alumni Connect/Cru partnership at VTech


  • Ongoing work with Navs, Cru and ROTC at Penn State, and Cru at GMU and VTech.
  • Established partnership and started working with Navs at UTexas in Austin and UFlorida in Gainesville.
  • Connections with local churches in each region to find EPMs.
  • Connected virtually with New England Navs’ summer program.


  • Expanding partnership with Navs: Meeting 13 Regional Directors which cover the US.
  • Developed relationship with Camp of the Woods (Speculator, NY), beginning work in spring 2021.
  • Connecting referrals coming out of Nav’s International Student Ministry.
  • Establishing AC in new locations with 100% virtual connections at every level.