When you graduate from college, it can be challenging—relocating, adjusting to a new job, and starting out on your own. During this spring semester, as Joani and I meet with seniors, one challenge looms larger than the rest…

Finding a job.

They’re completing their studies and are ready to go out and embrace life, take on new responsibilities. But they can’t do that without a job. They need that offer, that starting point as they embark on this new chapter in their life.

As Christians, they are called to be a light, to be a witness, and to serve God in the place He has called them to. A job opens the door for them to use their talents, and be a witness to co-workers who might never step foot in a church.

How you can participate…

God will ultimately provide, but you and I can be a part of the process through our prayers.

Please pray….

  • They would be able to meet key contacts at companies that have job openings, and schedule interviews.
  • God would use this season in their life to help them take initiative even as they trust God to provide. Pray it would result in a greater understanding and confidence that He is with them and is at work.
  • They would find good jobs.

As we talk with seniors, one thing they find encouraging is knowing you are praying for them to find jobs!