You’ve heard us talk about why alumni need the input and counsel of a good mentor/discipler. You’ve listened as we’ve shared the value a mentor brings, and why they are so important to graduates as they transition from college to a full time job.

But how does this process even work? What does it look like to find a mentor?

When an alumni (or soon-to-be alumni) gets a job, and communicates to us they would like a mentor, the search for one in their area begins. This is when we take action to locate a mentor, but must also trust God to lead and provide.

The challenge, at this stage, is alumni can be moving anywhere in the US from California to Florida or another country altogether.

This happened recently with a woman named Emily who relocated to Wilmington, Delaware for work. We didn’t know any mentors in her area.

  • Gary called Chuck, an area leader with CBMC, a workplace ministry in Baltimore. They’ve worked together for over three years, and Gary shared the need for a mentor in Wilmington.
  • Chuck, in turn, discussed the opportunity with the men in his Bible study. Luis, who lives in Delaware, but commutes to Baltimore, wanted to help.
  • Chuck told Gary about Luis’s interest. As Gary described the ministry of Alumni Connect, and the particular opportunity with Emily, Luis was immediately excited and eager to be involved.
  • Luis spoke to an “empty nester” couple at his church, and they were interested in exploring the opportunity.
  • He connected the wife, Audrey, with Gary. Audrey expressed her commitment to the discipleship process and her eagerness to invest in Emily’s walk with God.
  • Gary made the introduction between Emily and Audrey, and they planned their first meeting.

This connection (like so many at Alumni Connect) came through individuals interested in helping alumni get established. It is encouraging for us to see this process in action from when we first connect with a potential mentor to seeing alumni grow through one-on-one discipleship.