As we talk with people, one question we often hear is “How do you meet people?” Specifically soon-to-be alumni. And it’s a good question!

The primary way we meet seniors is through ministries like The Navigators, Cru and InterVarsity. Their regularly scheduled Bible studies meet at our home for a meal. We then introduce ourselves, Alumni Connect, and spend time studying the Word.  

We share with students what Alumni Connect is, and how we connect graduates with mentors.They share their contact information with us, and then our next step is to follow up with each one.

Our goal with follow up is to…

  • Starting building friendships with seniors.
  • Begin 1-on-1 discipleship with them now.
  • Anticipate where we will need mentors, so we can work to have a mentor for them when they graduate and start work.

This past month we met with 30 soon-to-be alumni through Cru and The Navigators. We praise God for the meetings and the opportunity to spread the word about Alumni Connect.

Please pray as we follow up with seniors, seek to build friendships, and serve them as they begin preparing for this next season in their lives.