“Is God still real? Is he still present, and will He continue to work on my behalf?” The questions may not get asked out loud, but many alumni, as they leave behind school and face the demands of a 9-to-5 job, wrestle with these questions.

Joseph landed in a foreign country, yet he saw God’s favor working first as a slave, then as a prisoner and finally as Pharoah’s advisor. Alumni want to see God at work in their own unique circumstances, to know His presence, and to hear His voice.

We wanted to share how Alumni are seeing God work in their day-to-day lives and finding Him real and faithful.

Taking Light into the Workplace

Tom took the initiative to start a Bible study at his place of work. He is seeing God use his vocation to bring Biblical truth to his co-workers within the insurance industry.

Seeing God’s Provision for Continuing Education

Sarah was pursuing an advanced degree in nursing, but costs were high. How could she afford it? Meanwhile, someone she had never met was praying about where God would have them give a sizable amount of money. God, working through various individuals, connected them. Now Sarah’s nursing school is paid for in full because of fellow believers’ generosity.

This was significant for Sarah. She saw that God is for her, and knows her exact needs.

Hearing God Speak into Their  Lives

Will’s next steps as he pursues his career are not clear, but in the midst of uncertainty, he has been seeking the Lord. He’s been encouraged as he realized God is speaking to him, has seen the Holy Spirit as the agent of change in his life, and felt God’s presence with him. This has given him peace, and assurance that God is working.

One afternoon Will and Gary did a Bible study over the phone. Through their discussion of Biblical examples, Will found encouragement. Two new job opportunities have opened up, and there had been the fear, “Will I make the right choice?” The foundation he has in scripture is giving him peace as he evaluates his choices.

God’s Clear Direction for Their Careers

The last year has held many changes for Ben, first working in DC, then moving back to Philly and working remotely. Yet, in the midst of the change, he’s applied himself to his job and worked hard. Now, they’re offering him a promotion and a significant leadership role.

The role would require a move back to the DC area, and Ben said, “He wants me to go back!” There is excitement, not just in a new opportunity, but in God making the path so clear.

We are also seeing God speak into new marriages, difficult roommate situations, the grind of an entry-level job, and even learning to use commute time on the train to study the Bible.

In each of these stories, we are seeing God make Himself known to individual alumni—with new opportunities, and navigating difficult situations.

Alumni are learning and seeing that God is good. He is for them and directly working on their behalf.