“…but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…”
-1 Peter 3:15

Christ bearers. Salt and light. Ambassadors. Emissaries. These are only some of the words used to describe Christians—whether they work in a soup kitchen in New York City or as a marketing manager in Oklahoma.

As alumni begin, or continue, in their careers, they have the unique opportunity to bring the gospel to their place of work. And we wanted to share how God is working through them to make Himself known.

Kevin recently started at a job in northern Virginia. Two days into orientation, Kevin was able to have an in-depth conversation with another co-worker. This confirmed for Kevin that God was not only with him, but also wanted him in this job.

Will graduated in May and started work as an Engineer in northern New York. After a company dinner, he was driving a co-worker home, and the man started asking questions about God. They talked for over an hour and a half!

They’ve started a Bible study on the gospel of John and a third co-worker will be joining them. Will’s openness and approachability helped his co-worker feel comfortable asking questions, and God used Will’s job to make him an ambassador, an emissary at his place of work.  

Will and Kevin saw opportunities to share the gospel almost immediately. However, sometimes, it’s doing your job well over time, respecting co-workers and being genuine day in and day out,  that opens the door.

Justin lives in Florida and has been at his company for three years. It wasn’t until recently, though, he was able to talk about God with another co-worker. They will be studying the Bible together, and his co-workers spouse expressed an interest in coming as well.

Each of these alumni have seen God work through them in unique ways at their place of work, and through their vocation. We praise God for how He is showing Himself strong on their behalf and confirming His presence in their life.

Prayer Requests:

  • Alumni would continue to see God at work in their lives and on their behalf, whether it’s at home or on the job.
  • Alumni would get settled in their jobs as they transition from college to a career, and integrate into the workforce.
  • Alumni would be able to set aside a time for studying the Word and prayer in the midst of their new schedules and responsibilities.

Thank you for praying with us, and for your support as we work to encourage and mentor alumni!