Get Established

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Are you anxious or discouraged when you think about leaving your college environment?

Do you fear the potential season of loneliness in your 20s?

We want to personally connect you with seasoned, godly believers to walk
alongside you through the unique season of transition —
from college to establishment in your new life.

What to Expect

Encouragement: Your mentors will help you identify your strengths and will encourage you to take initiative in growing, connecting, and impacting others in your new life. They bring observations of how they see your strengths and evidence of spiritual fruit.

Real-Life Insights: Your mentors will show you how to apply Biblical principles to real life. Possible discussion topics include: your personal relationship with the Lord, God at work, relationships, life at church, spiritual input, money, and giftings. They offer insight and demonstrate how to experience God’s continuing presence and involvement with you in a vastly different life setting.

Translation: Your mentors will help you learn how to take the spiritual truths you learned from your college ministry experience and use them in new and different ways that pertain to your real-life context.

Get Perspective: Your mentors will listen and talk through new life developments together with you, sharing their own experiences and offering practical advice. They do this with wisdom and sensitivity to both you and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer:  Your mentors will pray for you to be led and inspired by the Spirit, have wisdom in decision making, and to experience God’s presence and power in all circumstances.

Personal introductions: Your mentors will invite you to their small group Bible studies and their churches, introduce you to friends who attend other local churches, and share contact information of valued and trusted friends.

How It Happens

Before Graduation: This is done jointly with Alumni Connect staff and a mentor in your new location. While you are still in college, you will meet an Alumni Connect Entry-Point Mentor in person every so often to build a friendship and discuss aspects of the transition you are approaching.

Once you relocate: Alumni Connect staff will communicate with you primarily through phone conversations, texts, and emails. Then, we will personally introduce you to your Local Mentors who will meet with you in person every few weeks and touch base with you by phone, text, or email in between meetings. Initially, they will discuss with you what your expectations are for your time together.

Report back: We’ll check in on how it’s going with your Local Mentors, so that any adjustments can be made. We want this to be an encouraging and motivating experience for you.