Our Entry-Point Mentors

Promote Hope & Expectation about the
Next Season of Independence

Become an EPMProfile of a Mentor

One distinct aspect of Alumni Connect’s process is the Entry-Point Mentor who meets college seniors before they graduate. This relationship prepares soon-to-be alumni for the “warm hand off” to the Local Mentor after graduation, building trust with Alumni Connect before alumni leave campus.

We offer a unique way to get involved with
college-aged students beyond the
typical monetary donation to a campus ministry.

EPMs are completely volunteer. Unlike college seniors’ current campus ministry relationships, this is not a job or a church program, or even an Alumni Connect program.

The Soon-to-Be Alumni learns to:

  • Trust a person outside their campus ministry.
  • Work with a seasoned believer other than their parents.
  • Look at the next season with specific reality in the picture.

Value other believers’ life experiences.

This Senior + EPM relationship will:

  • Span the time gap between graduation and eventual connection with a Local Mentor
  • Encourage the seniors in their walk with God in light of the upcoming “unknowns.”

Inspire them about their contributions in the next dynamic season of life

EPMs have a long-term perspective of the process.

While they play a critical role preparing these soon-to-be alumni for mentorship after graduation, they will say “goodbye” at the end of senior year. Their new young friend, now a college graduate, will leave campus to start their “real world” life in another city and connect with a Local Mentor in that location.

Our EPMs Commit to….

4 Cups of Coffee

10 Texts

2 Meals

2 Phone Calls

after graduation? You’ll send 6 texts and make 3 phone calls

The effort is minimal… the impact significant