Grow the Alumni Connect Network

Help us find mentors around the world for recent graduates!

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You can help impact the lives of our alumni by helping us expand our base of resources by introducing us to key individuals within your social and professional circles.

In addition to Local Mentors across the country, we are looking for funding partners, ministry champions, mentors, entrepreneurial-minded people to launch new locations for Alumni Connect.

The Lord pulls together seemingly unrelated interactions to pave the way for personal introductions for our alumni.

For example, we had an engaged couple graduating from Colorado State and moving to Roanoke, VA. Gary was having an informal conversation with an EPM at Virginia Tech. The EPM mentioned a personal friend and retired pastor who recently relocated to Roanoke. Gary connected with that retired pastor and his wife to mentor the Colorado State alumni individually. Another graduate from Penn State will be moving to Franklin, Massachusetts, and Gary has been looking for a mentor in that area. Guess what? That retired pastor in Roanoke has 36 years of connections in Massachusetts, too.

Your network makes a difference!

Think through those people within your sphere of influence… Could you or someone you know help us establish alumni?