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We plan on replicating Alumni Connect in new cities each year.

This may sound like an impossible task for our small team — but Gary’s experience in retail construction prepared him for this exact time. In his previous career, when he needed to build a new store in a new city, he found three contractors for each service, collected bids, and managed the entire timeline from his desk in another city.

Replicating Alumni Connect is the same process: Gary meets with campus ministry directors and church leadership across the country to explain the mission and simple process for our method.

Start Reversing the Trend

Over the years, we’ve realized Alumni Connect is the only organization offering this type of service. We’ve met with many campus ministry directors who try to implement alumni programs, but found they need to focus on what they do best. We hope to pick up where they leave off.
You can help us carry the torch after those students become alumni.


Your support is crucial to our efforts in establishing alumni throughout the country.

As college seniors and alumni go on job interviews, get engaged to be married, and look for apartments, they need to see Christ modeled through the life of a seasoned believer who has done all of this before.


Help us establish alumni as they become vital parts of their local neighborhood, workplace, and church year after year. Through your prayers, generosity, and friendship, we’ll see the Lord work in hearts and draw these newly-independent alumni to Himself each year.

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To give directly through our giving page on New Horizon’s website, Click Here. Click “Donate Now to this Project,” then choose to play via Credit/Debit Card or echeck.

 Development & Communications Cost
Redesign and Enhancements – Phase 1 $2,000
Promotional Folder
Folder $1,000
Insert Cards $1,200
Design $1,500
Business Cards $85
Photography $650
Alumni Connect At-A-Glance cards $500
Software $1,300/ year
Tech Support $120/month
Special Projects
Mentor Resources $1,500
Alumni Connect Expansion $5,000
Gary & Joani’s Ministry Support
Additional Support:
Annual (Special Gifts) $54,000/year
or Monthly $4,500/month

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