As we work with alumni, and hear from mentors, it’s become clear each connection can look different based on the individual and their season of life. However, while each is unique, we also see key attributes that are central to established mentor/alumni relationships.

  1.    Flexibility for Different Seasons

One alumni shared how he and his mentor meet on average every four to six weeks. He is growing personally in his walk with the Lord, and their semi-regular meetings are facilitating that growth during this period of his life and career.

Kevin, on the other hand, is in the midst of a major life change, including interviewing for a new job, and looking to move closer to those with whom he has a solid relationship. While this process has been considerable with interviews, and researching the implications of a move, it’s also pushed him to rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading. He’s taking action even as he waits to see how God will work in this situation.

During this process, he has been speaking with one of the mentors in his life weekly for encouragement and prayer.

Mentor and alumni relationships are flexible and need to adapt to the different seasons in an alumni’s life.