We shared the first important attribute back in November. Check out this post to see what we believe to be an important aspect of mentor/ alumni relationship.

Here’s the second attribute…

2.Relationships that Grow and Expand

Greg has been meeting with his mentor for some time. While he is the one being discipled, he also knows and is praying for the needs of his mentor. Their relationship has grown beyond the surface and gone deeper for them both.

Emily first connected with her mentor months ago. During that time, though, she got married, started a new job, and moved to another city and state. Yet their relationship has remained grounded and they still connect via phone and email regularly.

Each relationship, like mentors and alumni, is unique, and there is no formula that applies to all. But as mentors disciple alumni, we are seeing these relationships flex to meet the demands of each season, and they are flourishing as a result.

We treat these mentoring relationships like any other friendship: keeping in touch through phone or text when necessary, and reminding each other we’re praying for their struggles. Unlike most relationships based on a specific curriculum, these mentor/alumni friendships will continue to grow despite changes in geography or schedule.